Rush Wednesday the 9th

So I have been neglecting to post comics in any sort of timing or organized way. This is mostly because I have the other 75% of my life, well closer to 80% which involves the rigmarole of that stuff I need to do to survive.  But I have not been fair, so this Wednesday from 4pm to some time late at night (eastern US time) I will be posting a new comic every hour. I’m already far into issue three so there is really no excuse for lagging so much.

Anyway, some things you have to look forward to are drunks, tavern songs, skydiving, rain, and BEES!


Good & Evil

This is a project I have been working on for some time, I got swept away with the story and find myself drawing these characters all the time. It’s a whimsical and sometimes philosophically terrifying comic depicted by two ambiguous foxes in their journeys and surreal trippy adventures. I hope you enjoy.

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